Boccas Elite Lisbon 2010

Have you already saw our new Soft and Super Soft sets? We presented it in the last Boccia World Championship that took place last June in Lisbon.

See here more information about the Boccas Soft Elite Lisbon 2010 and about the Boccas Super Soft Elite Lisbon 2010 our Contact us!

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Racerunners are used by people off all ages for recreation, everyday mobility and sport at all levels.

Racerunning is a sport for Cerebral Palsy but athletes with non CP are able to compete locally in their countries.

The runners have benefits on neurological, muscular and skeletal systems 3 steps to use a Racerunner: learning to adjust the bike, find the best running technique, and proceed in training.

Easy transport and mount / unmount, see a video here.


Easy transport:


Several colors and design:





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