Boccas Elite Lisbon 2010

Have you already saw our new Soft and Super Soft sets? We presented it in the last Boccia World Championship that took place last June in Lisbon.

See here more information about the Boccas Soft Elite Lisbon 2010 and about the Boccas Super Soft Elite Lisbon 2010 our Contact us!

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Our Clients

After only seven years in business, Boccas has helped hundred of persons to improve their quality of life through sport practice.

Hundreds of disabled persons, senior persons and children discovered an excellent sport adapted to their physical condition - the Boccia! - and a lot of educational institutions, social associations and city halls have found the best boccia supplier and the perfect partner to do boccia tournaments and promote the sports practice - the Boccas!

In this section we will show you some of our clients and what they think about our products and service. We have separated our clients in "Individual Clients" and "Institutional Clientes". In the Individual Clients section you will find high competition athletes. Here you'll find the opinion of most of european, world and olimpics champions that always play with Boccas! In the Institutional section you can find the opinion of schools, universities, social associantions, old people's homes or olimpic comittes who regulary buy Boccas products for their activities. In both sections are listed only a small list of all of our clients!

Are you a new Boccas client?

If you want to contact directly with one of our clients, please, send us your petition and we will promote the exchange of contacts between you and our client.

Are you a Boccas client?

Feel free to send us your opinion about our products or services. We will post it as soon as possible.


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