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Have you already saw our new Soft and Super Soft sets? We presented it in the last Boccia World Championship that took place last June in Lisbon.

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The Importance of Balls Sets in Boccia Game

Luis Ferreira, Rui Corredeira, Maria Adília Silva, Sergio Costa



Get exceptional results in sport, at high performance level, is a constant objective in our days. The products influence can damage the good result achived by athlets. So, it's crucial study how the products features and product age may influence in athlets performance. Manage this two factors is fundamental. This paper pretends answer this question and evaluate the most recent sets of boccia games presented by Boccas, Handi Life Sport and Expostar. To compare the balls, we used a ramp (BC3 athlet acessory) and have been done three diferent sessions: inicial (new games of balls); sets with 2h of training; games with 40h of training. Each session had two phases: laboratory phase and field phase. In the field phase, shots were made by ARDA athletes (Center of Rehabilitation and Cerebral Paralysis of Oporto / APPC NR - Norte).

After the analysis of the results we concluded that games  of Boccas, Handi Life Sport and Expostar meet all ofical parameters. The balls of "Handi Life" roll more than other balls and they can achieve far away distances but those balls are also the ones that more oscillate in its direction. Given the requirements of the athletes, between the tested games, Boccas is the prefered.

At the end of evaluations were compare two sets with more than one thousand hours of training and they had the best results of tests.

-Presented at XI Sciences Congress of Sport and Physical Education of portuguese language countries-


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