Boccas Elite Lisbon 2010

Have you already saw our new Soft and Super Soft sets? We presented it in the last Boccia World Championship that took place last June in Lisbon.

See here more information about the Boccas Soft Elite Lisbon 2010 and about the Boccas Super Soft Elite Lisbon 2010 our Contact us!

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Boccas's a Portuguese company founded in 2002 for the purpose of promoting and developing the practice of Boccia and work to improve all products of boccia games and increase the satisfation and performance of boccia athlets. With this goal, we present our first set of boccia - the Boccas Hard Povoa 2002 - at World Boccia 2002 in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. This game made a huge success between several teams and we start sell this set all over the world, and later all our products. Since then, our boccia sets have been used in many national and international competitions with immense success. For example, we are pride that athletes with boccas sets have won medals in World Boccia 2002 (Portugal), World Boccia 2003 (New Zeland), Paralympic Games 2004 (Athenas) and European Cup 2005 (Portugal) and this sucess continues until today.

Inspired in the feedbacks of athlets we decided develop products for BC3 players. So, we developed distinct kind of ramps, supports to the ramps, helmets for BC3 and a bench for the BC3 assistant. To complete our range of products, we also have boccia's accessories as seats, referrees kits. If you are organizing a boccia tournaments you must see our electronic scoreboards. Nowadays, we not only have boccia products! We also developed products to atheletes with visual handicaps. We now have a couple of adapted toys to help the motor development and social development of children with some type of disability.

As clients we have schools, city councils, sports association, day centers, rehabilitation centers, senior athlets and handicap athlets all over the world, from Americas to Asia!

To know more about us visit the section "Our Clients" and the section "Our Products".


Our Vision

We believe that everybody can play sport! Despite age, sex, handicap or social status.


Our Mission

The goal of Boccas is create, develop and improve all boccia products and search new opportunities to develop products to improve the quality of live of people with some handicap.


Our Values

Quality: Our balls are handmade manufactured, one by one, to reach the best quality standards. All Boccas products have high standards of quality.

Inovation: We have a specialize team to search and study how improve and create new boccia products.

Social Responsability: We work closely with rehabilitation centers and seniors's residentials to organize competitions and to promote the practice of sports in senior and handicaps persons.


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